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What People are Saying

"Amazing! I recently went to Catherine Hinds for a tour. It absolutely blew me away. Everyone there was incredibly nice and down to earth. Not to mention the school is gorgeous and super clean! I'm very excited to potentially enroll at Catherine Hinds." ~ Recent Tour

"I have been working at Bella Sante now for about 3 months! I love it so much I am so happy that I made the decision to go to Catherine Hinds and become an esthetician! I am so thankful for all the passionate instructors such as yourself that helped me along the way!" ~ Alicia, Graduate

"What an amazing journey!! Not only did we get the best education, but we became a family throughout this year. We are going to miss everyone so much ! Now we are ready to rock the real world thanks to you guys!" ~ Ana, Graduate

"My experience at Catherine Hinds has changed my life. Before I started your school I had very little self-esteem. With the school’s warm environment and the dedicated and knowledgeable teachers I slowly began to grow; which in turn has empowered me by giving my life direction. I now feel more confident to join the workforce in the rewarding and exciting industry of esthetics. Because of my education at Catherine Hinds, I feel the opportunities are limitless in a growing field, were you are always learning. Thank you."
~ Irene, Graduate

"I am a 2008 alumni of your wonderful school. Since then, I have excelled at every luxury spa I have worked for, and now have a successful spa business of my own. The education I received at your school surpasses the education of all other estheticians I have met over the years." ~ Abigail, Graduate

"Thought I'd drop a line or two to let you know that I'm absolutely loving life. Our move to Hilton Head Island has been very positive in many ways. I am proud to state that in May, 2012 I passed the national aesthetic exam whereby granting me reciprocity in many states, as well as SC. I finally got underway around June of last year and have done nearly 200 facials. I also bought liability insurance so that I can independently contract at several locations. That said, I work on-call at The Heavenly Spa (Westin Hotel) -- the largest spa on the island, as well as another day spa. I have not had any problems finding work; in fact, I have to be careful not to 'over-book'. Compensation is very good...I earn ~$60.00/hour. And I love, love, love what I do!!! Moreover, I have kept my MA license never know!"
~ Marie, Graduate

"Your wonderful sweet graduate Kristine shadowed me and our practice this week. She saw general dermatology patients and assisted with mohs skin cancer surgery. As expected she was a compliment to you and the school. We all really enjoyed her enthusiasm. It is terrific to see the Catherine Hinds Institute providing excellent knowledge and career paths to smart women to help them achieve their dreams."
~ Dr. Linder, PCA Skin

"It was so good to visit Catherine Hinds yesterday. I've found it extremely fulfilling to be a graduate of the school and no matter how many years pass I know I can always go back and know that I will receive the most up-to-date training. Since graduating 5 years ago I've maintained a successful career as a skin care specialist at Divine Images Day Spa located in Somerset, MA. I have 10 months to complete a registered nurse program and have realized how much I love aesthetics in the process. I know aesthetics will always be a part of my life and can't wait to combine my aesthetics background with my nursing education. Without my Catherine Hinds education my current career path would not have been possible."
~ Heidi, Graduate